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Ellen Pinto
Pantone, Inc.

Lisa Marsh
Ogan/Dallal Assoc.

Pantone Announces Fashion Color Forecast for
Spring/Summer 2000

New color harmonies come into play for the first season of the new millennium.

Carlstadt, NJ, April 15, 1999 -- Pantone, Inc., the world renowned authority on color and color trends, today announces its fashion color forecast for the spring/summer 2000 season.

"Inspired by the anticipated sights and sounds of the new millennium, the first season of the 21st century will bring new color harmonies into play," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. "In general, lighter colors are more naive and brights, while still expressing fun and whimsy, are more subtle in tone."

According to Lisa Herbert, vice president of the Pantone Textile Division, "The optimistic view for the millennium has translated into a continuing trend for color. A variety of color offerings is what is needed at retail to tempt consumers to buy."

Pantone's seven palettes that will be in tune for the spring/summer 2000 season are:

Big Band

The millennial march starts with a big band of color ushering in the new era. Vibrant and exuberant, these are the shades that we'll wear to keep our toes tapping and the heart pumping. They're colors for kids and/or activewear in ebullient combinations of Cayenne, Phlox Pink and Bud Green or Blue Atoll, Violet Storm and Lipstick Red done with a spotlight of Limelight Yellow to turn on the brass.

PANTONE 18-1651 TC CayennePANTONE 15-6442 TC Bud Green
PANTONE 17-2627 TC Phlox PinkPANTONE 16-4535 TC Blue Atol
PANTONE 18-3944 TC Violet StormPANTONE 19-1764 TC Lipstick Red
PANTONE 12-0740 TC Limelight

Tribal Rhythm

Turning down the volume a bit as they are a bit more subtle in tone, Tribal Rhythm throbs with visually stimulating combinations that stir the imagination: Turtle Green, Mauve and Chamois, Deep Periwinkle and Popcorn, Beaver Fur with a Light Clear Blue - they are the perfect colors for the great outdoors in outerwear for kids or playful adults.

PANTONE 15-4715 TC Light Clear BluePANTONE 17-3932 TC Deep Periwinkle
PANTONE 14-0852 TC PopcornPANTONE 17-0330 TC Turtle Green
PANTONE 18-3230 TC Meadow MauvePANTONE 17-1417 TC Beaver Fur
PANTONE 15-2217 TC Aurora PinkPANTONE 15-1145 TC Chamois

Night Harmonies

The next palette, Night Harmonies, is a continuation of the trans-seasonal approach to dressing that surfaced so strongly in light tones for fall/winter 99. Dark tones for spring/summer 2000 reflect the more sophisticated palettes, not only for both men's and women's wear, but for children's markets as well. These deep elegant shades provide the contrast to the brights, lights and midtones. Some of the most outstanding combinations come from coupling colors from varying palettes: Smoked Pearl and Orchid Blossom, Blue Jay and Dusty Jade Green, Royal Purple, Crimson and Pale Gold.

PANTONE 17-4427 TC BluejayPANTONE 19-3920 TC Peacoat
PANTONE 19-1762 TC CrimsonPANTONE 18-0000 TC Smoked Pearl
PANTONE 19-3642 TC Royal PurplePANTONE 18-1306 TC Iron
PANTONE 12-0740 TC LimelightPANTONE 19-2816 TC Blackberry Wine
PANTONE 19-4053 TC Turkish SeaPANTONE 17-6333 TC Mint Green

The next three palettes illustrate the expanding trend to lighter, softer shadings in the year 2000. In step with rather than standing off on their own, the neutrals are integrated into the following palettes. The colors are being featured in women's and men's wear, as well as infant's and children's in soft pliable fabrications.


The first of these palettes, Lullaby, speaks of quiet moods and contemplative colors. The mixes are soothing and harmonious: Almond Oil and Whisper Green; Crystal Blue, Crystal Pink and Shadow Lime; Wind Chime and Orchid Blossom; Pale Peach and Tannin.

PANTONE 12-0713 TC Almond OilPANTONE 13-4411 TC Crystal Blue
PANTONE 12-1605 TC Crystal PinkPANTONE 13-0319 TC Shadow Lime
PANTONE 12-0714 TC CornhuskPANTONE 12-5404 TC Whisper Green
PANTONE 14-4002 TC Wind ChimePANTONE 12-0915 TC Pale Peach
PANTONE 14-3612 TC Orchid Blossom

Opus One

Opus One strikes a similar chord in tender tones of Pink Sand with Aloe Wash and Silver Gray; Sweet Lavender, Pink Tint and Blue Bell; Pampas and Red Lilac.

PANTONE 14-0000 TC Silver GrayPANTONE 15-1318 TC Pink Sand
PANTONE 16-3931 TC Sweet LavenderPANTONE 15-2705 TC Red Lilac
PANTONE 14-0826 TC PampasPANTONE 12-1404 TC Pink Tint
PANTONE 13-0608 TC Aloe WashPANTONE 14-4121 TC Blue Bell


Serenade sings a similar but slightly deeper tune in resonant midtones of Della Robia Blue combined with Ashes of Roses, Toast and Peach Blossom, Dusty Jade Green and Stone Blue.

PANTONE® 16-1331 TC ToastPANTONE 16-3520 TC African Violet
PANTONE 16-1626 TC Peach BlossomPANTONE 15-5711 TC Dusty Jade Green
PANTONE 16-4114 TC Stone BluePANTONE 15-0703 TC Ashes of Roses
PANTONE 16-4020 TC Della Robia BluePANTONE 17-1320 TC Tannin

Metallic Tones

And on a final note, Metallic Tones radiate in futuristic fabrications that truly speak of a new era. These are the sparkling notes that give life to every other color in the palettes already mentioned. While Champagne Beige is a toast to the year 2000 and Pale Gold is the classic "golden oldie," both Silver and Starry, Starry Night in a celestial blue light the way to the first season of the new millennium.

PANTONE 15-0927 TC Pale GoldPANTONE 15-4014 TC Starry Starry Night
PANTONE 14-5002 TC SilverPANTONE 14-1012 TC Champagne Beige

To view the colors for spring/summer 2000, refer to PANTONE TEXTILE Color System® Publications. The PANTONE TEXTILE Color System is used by textile professionals worldwide to select, specify and control color from design through production. For more information on the PANTONE TEXTILE Color System or to purchase individual fabric swatch cards, contact your local PANTONE TEXTILE Color System Distributor or call Pantone's Customer Service Department at 888-PANTONE.

Pantone, Inc., developer of the globally accepted PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® and the PANTONE TEXTILE Color System, is the leading source of products for the selection and accurate communication of color around the world. With more than 35 years' experience in the development of color systems, the company is recognized as the global leader in electronic color technology, traditional graphics color systems and specific products for textiles, coatings and plastics. Wherever color is spoken, Pantone is the definitive authority. Visit our Web site at

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